In the bottom right corner of this page, you should see a chatbot icon. Click it to open the chatbot overlay. This overlay theme is included in the Pro plan only.

The free plugin has 1 overlay which toggles up from the bottom of the page. You can find a demo of it on almost any other page on this website. It looks like this:

The Pro version also includes an overlay on the right which slides across. You can see a demo here. It looks like this:

Test Messages

To demo some of the messages, hit the Menu option and click an option or type any of following messages and press Enter.

Request MessageResponse MessageImage
“Quick Reply” or
“Show me a picture of an animal”
Quick Reply
“Image” or “Cat”Image
“Link”Text with hyperlink
“Video”Text with Youtube oEmbed

The demo agent includes a pre-built small-talk package so you can “chit chat”.

You can also add the [my_chatbot] shortcode to display the chatbot inside your WordPress posts:

My Chatbot
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