#1 Chatbot Plugin for WordPress

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Create your own branded chatbot for your WordPress website, powered by Google Dialogflow.

Clean, simple and easy to use.


Key Features

Setup and manage your chatbot conversations in Google Dialogflow. Enable chatbot experiences to your website visitors with these key features.

Conversation History

Save to local storage. Persist across pages. Allow visitors to clear history.

Rich Message Responses

Quick Replies, Cards and Images. Add oEmbed codes (e.g. Youtube video) and hyperlinks in text responses.

Chatbot Overlay

Add a chatbot overlay in the bottom corner of specific page which users can toggle up or down.

Welcome Intent

Greet your users with a welcome message when they open the chatbot.

Custom Style Options

Settings with color pickers for backgrounds and fonts and opacity for old conversation bubbles.

Response Message Delays

Optionally add a delay before displaying response messages.

Custom Branding

Custom text for heading, powered by and input placeholder.

Mobile Support

Displays fine on mobile devices. Optionally disable chatbot overlay on mobile devices.

Display Control

Choose which page types (e.g. home, single, search etc...) post types (e.g. post & page) or specific posts where the overlay can be shown.

Message Alignment

Options to change request and response bubbles to be aligned either left or right.

Text Size

Visitors can click an icon to increase or decrease the chatbot text size.

Overlay State

Default open option. Remember open state when navigating website.

Shortcode & Widget

Add chatbot in your post content using the [my_chatbot] shortcode. Add a chatbot widget to your page layouts.


No credentials exposed in the browser. Google API authentication is server-side using OAuth 2.

Well Built

Developer friendly. In-built template system. 60+ stargazers on Github. REST API. Lightweight.

Upgrade To Pro

Looking for some more advanced functionality? The My Chatbot Pro version provides a significant additional feature set, including:

Popup Overlay

Extra chatbot overlay style. Icon bottom right corner with a popup. See demo here.

Right Side Overlay

Extra chatbot overlay style. Right side slide across. See demo here.

System Avatar

Display a system user avatar alongside chatbot response messages.


Add a menu button at the bottom of the chatbot which displays a menu response message.

Active Schedule

Enable the overlay to be displayed between a start and end time each day.

Amazing Chatbot Plugin!

Hands down the best chatbot plugin for WordPress. Simple integration, very powerful and it does what you need.

Why Add a Chatbot On Your WordPress Website?

  • People that don’t use any social networks can benefit
  • Save money on customer support
  • Available 24/7
  • Handles multiple customers at once
  • Can be trained in different languages
  • Automates repetitive work
  • Can provide tailored advice / recommendations

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